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Avaya Telephone Systems

Learn how your business can ensure 99.999% uptime with Avaya’s World Class Unified Communication systems.

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Cloud Communication

Elevate and decentralize your business communication system, and enjoy the elastic advantages of Cloud based Unified Communication services.

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Hosted / Managed Telephones

Don’t have an IT department or the infrastructure to support an advanced Unified Communication platform? QTS can help.

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PBX Repair Services and Maintenance

Find out how your business can ensure uptime with a QTS Maintenance contract or provide expert repair services.

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Structured Cabling CAT5/6 & Fiber

Moving? QTS can ensure your new location will be ready to support the demands of today’s networks.  Anything from a single new wire run to designing a new computer room, QTS is here to assist.

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Call Recording and Contact Center

You can’t manage what you can’t measure! Ensure your customer’s are receiving the support and experience you expect? QTS can show you how to monitor, measure and manage your contact center.

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Automated Voice Response System – Proactive outreach

Improve your businesses bottom line and improve your client’s satisfaction by providing automated or self-service access to your products and services.  Increase revenues by proactively contacting prospective clients.

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Phone System Features

Block Unwanted Numbers

Stop getting annoying calls from unwanted auto-bots and/or solicitors.  Ensure compliance by preventing employee harassment and block spam faxes.


Call Recording

Automatically record any percentage of in and outbound phone calls, or simply press a button to activate an ad hoc recording that will be sent to your email as a wav file.

Selective Outbound Caller ID

Make outbound phone calls and choose what number you want passed as the Caller ID, or block outbound Caller ID altogether.

Call Coverage

If you have an unanswered call, you can now have it sent to another extension before it is forwarded or goes to voicemail.

Maximum Call Length

Prevent unnecessary or accidental toll charges by limiting the maximum time a device call be on a call. Prevents Alarm device lock ups.

Telecommuter Mode

Make and receive business phone calls from anywhere from almost any device, perfect for the Road Warrior in all of us.

Responsive, High Quality Customer Service

At QTS, we understand the importance of customer service, and we treat every single one of our customers like a new member of our family. We guarantee the most responsive customer service in the industry, working with you in real time to ensure that all your needs are met as quickly and professionally as possible.

Phone Systems

No More Delays or Preventable Downtime

In business, time is money. Preventable delays and long downtime are not only frustrating, but highly costly, especially in businesses where rapid response time is a must. At QTS we offer the best services in the industry, eliminating downtime and delays while providing highly competitive pricing.

Real Time Solutions for Real Time Problems

Over the past decade and a half, we have gained a tremendous amount of trust from our customers. Not only because we offer amazing products and understand the technology inside and out, but also because we help find real world solutions to our customer’s IT problems.

QTS Communications
Cloud Services

Cost Efficient Cloud Services

If you are looking to cut unnecessary costs and reduce your phone bill until you barely even remember it exists, we offer top quality cloud services to help you cut costs without cutting any corners

"QTS is one of the best telephone equipment providers I have worked with in my many years in the business world. [...] I highly recommend them."

Kathy King

Hi-Performance Wash Systems, Inc.

"Jeff is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to telephones and cloud based systems. I highly recommend you use him and the QTS team!"

David Anderson

Nitroworks Marketing

"I have had a great experience with QTS for my business communication needs. I highly recommend them."

Michael Mignoli

Vanguard Primary Care

"QTS takes great care of us at Service Uniform! I highly recommend them"

Teri Thompson

"QTS is fantastic, Ray and Jeff are always willing to help and have great patience. Life savers!"

Pam Elliott
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