Whether in the office or home, on the go, or participating in group meetings, today’s business communicators need full access to their favorite cloud applications. The Avaya IX Collaboration Unit is designed for the cloud, and uses unique Avaya next generation technology to deliver all that the cloud has to offer to any business space. It is an ideal stand-alone solution to enable individual workgroups or small to midsize businesses, and it can also be used as an integrated video endpoint to expand your existing collaboration infrastructure. It provides the ultimate in simplicity of setup and use, integrates with your existing UC platform, integrates with any existing standards-based video infrastructure, and allows you to access and use cloud-based applications. It is all you need to turn any space—including huddle spaces or huddle rooms—into a cloud-enabled collaboration room.

The Avaya IX Collaboration Unit can be set up in minutes, and its all-in-one design purpose-built for video collaboration delivers crystal clear audio and video every time—and does not depend on the quality or performance of a separate laptop or PC. This simplicity and performance will encourage employees to use video for their meetings instead of just audio, adding a personal connection to training, brainstorming, and other team meetings and customer interactions

Users can access cloud-based and premise-based applications such as Avaya Live Video from the device as well as network data, files and more. Is the Avaya Video Collaboration Station Right for My Business? Did you know that over 93% of communication effectiveness is determined by non-verbal clues? Words and vocal tone are an important part of communicating with one another but, they only tell part of the story. Visual clues are the key to helping fully understand the words we are hearing. Organizations with remote employees or customers face a special challenge when it comes to communicating efficiently and effectively. Video collaboration lends a sense of humanity to remote communication that is not present with other devices, enabling better negotiations, fewer misunderstandings and smoother conversations.




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