Since its inception in 1992 NMS has grown from a local supplier into an international organization. QTS is a Denver Colorado preferred NMS integrator throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.  NMS specializes in the development and support of a wide array of products from call recording systems to predictive and progressive dialers.  The predictive outbound dialer integrates seamlessly to the Avaya IP Office. It controls extensions on the phone system, using them to make multiple telephone calls at the same time. The volume of calls made translates into more calls being answered.  Once the call is answered it is transferred to an agent.  This means that users spend more time talking to people than dialing the phone.

In addition to Predictive and Progressive Outbound dialing, NMS Adaptive also provides these solutions:

Computer Telephony Integration
Click to Call
Screen POP
Desktop SMS
Call Recording
Messaging and Email Management
Web Assistance
Predictive Outbound Dialer

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