SIP Trunks / SIP Dial Tone

Save up to 50% on telephone bills by leveraging SIP Trunks.  In the past, businesses were restricted to Dial Tone provided by local Central Office (CO) Operators.  Today businesses can leverage their broadband internet connection to access dial tone.  The advantages are numerous:

Cost Reduction – SIP Trunks can be as low as $15 a month.

SIP Dial Tone Scalability – Trunks are activated almost immediately on the fly as business needs require. In most case SIP providers do not lock a business into long term contracts.

No Long Distance Charges – For most US SIP Providers US and Canada dialing are treated the same.  There is no additional cost for calling into these areas.  Works more like a Cell Phone plan.

Business Continuity  / Disaster Recovery – Activate your trunks any where you have internet access.  If a physical location cannot be accessed, businesses can quickly activate Trunks from any location that has internet access. Plus most SIP providers have powerful Web Portal tools allowing you to quickly redirect Phone Numbers to other places.

DID for Small Businesses  – Direct Inward Dialing is a standard method most larger businesses utilize allowing every phone to have a unique 10 digit telephone number.  Traditionally a company with less than 20 employees would not want to spend the money associated with Digital T1 technologies to provide DID.  With SIP Trunks small companies that only need several call paths can access and use DID.

Leverage SIP trunks as needed even if you do not want all your “Dial Tone Eggs” in a single internet basket. Some businesses will keep the main numbers as traditional analog lines, and then have SIP trunks for outbound calling and DID services.

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