As you know, face-to-face communication is always best.

But, it’s not always possible.

The business world is just too widespread.

Luckily, there’s a solution—face-to-face video calling.

Five great benefits that this type of calling offers are:

Increased Communication Effectiveness

A face-to-face video call is more effective than 20 back and forth emails. It allows you to make decisions, come to agreements, and help your business—very quickly. It’s also invaluable in regards to problem-solving.

The Ability to Communicate Nonverbally

Nonverbal communication says a lot. By using face-to-face video calling, you’re adding a powerful element to your business communications. The benefits are numerous—particularly in regards to sales. The chances of a sale happening are greater over a video call. Traditional phone calls simply aren’t enough to close the deal.

The Ability to Show Your Personality

Face-to-face video calling gives you the opportunity to show others your unique personality. It’s a great way for others to connect you to your business—also something beneficial to sales.

 The Ability to Show Visual Designs in Real-Time

The ability to show visual designs in real time improves business communications tremendously. Marketing ideas, graphs, tables, and data can all be shown in detail and at once.


You now know four great benefits of face-to-face business calling. When you’re ready, please don’t hesitate to contact QTS. Our Avaya Video Collaboration portfolio is sure to be the solution you’re looking for.