ADTRAN provides a full line of powerful, business-class ethernet switching and router solutions for all your network needs. NetVanta ethernet switches are perfect for small, medium and mult-site Colorado businesses. Adtran addresses today’s networking priorities from bandwidth expansion, VOIP adoption, network security and wireless connectivity.

Whether your are a SOHO worker or in a office with thousands of employees, Adtran understands that the network must be fast, secure and reliable. For that reason Adtran developed the NetVanta family of business class products to provide Colorado businesses with an abundance of affordable, secure and proven networking products.

Small to medium data networks

Ethernet Switching & Routing

Being a small business does not mean you can get away with an un-managed network. As a matter of fact, small organizations cannot afford to run inefficiently. Adtran addresses the Data Networking needs of small to mid size businesses throughout the world. With an easy to use Web Management Interface, you do not need to be a Network Data Engineer to ensure the security and performance of your company’s network. As more and more companies adopt Video and Voice onto their network, ensuring Quality of Service can be a daunting and challenging task. Adtran addresses this need by providing user friendly wizards that do the heavy lifting for you. In a matter of minutes you will be managing your network like a seasoned veteran. Adtran provides secure mobility VPN and SSL Telecommuting and Teleworker options that help businesses compete in hiring talent regardless where they are located.  Click here to see the Adtran NetVanta Product line and the solution that fits your requirements as well as your budget.



Medium to Enterprise Data Networks


Redundant and Extended Power Supply unit for NetVanta Gigabit
switches to ensure a resilient switch infrastructure


1131 Redundant Power Supply

24- and 48-port fully managed, Layer 3 lite, Fast Ethernet switches for
VoIP deployments

1238 48-Port 10/100 Managed Switch

Portfolio of 12, 24, and 28-port managed, multi-layer, Gigabit Ethernet
switches with PoE for bandwidth intensive applications, edge access,
distribution and aggregation

1550-48P 48-Port POE GIG Managed Switch

NetVanta 1600 Series
Managed, 48-port, layer 3, Gigabit switches with ActivChassis stacking
technology – ideal for campus networks and core switching

Adtran 1638P ActiveChassis Layer 3 48-Port

NetVanta 3100 Series
Full-featured, fixed-port access routers perfect for secure Internet access or high-speed corporate connectivity using broadband access such as DSL or cable.
NetVanta 3200 Series
Modular Access Router offering a single interface slot and a single Ethernet LAN port for applications requiring up to two T1s.
NetVanta 3300 Series
Modular Access Router offering two interface slots and two Ethernet LAN ports for applications requiring up to three T1s.
NetVanta 3400 Series
Single slot/Dual Ethernet performance-enhanced Multiservice Access Routers delivering high-packet throughput required for IP Telephony, corporate connectivity, and Internet access.
NetVanta 4000 Series
Modular Access Router offering three interface slots and two Ethernet LAN ports (Fast or Gig) for higher-bandwidth applications supporting up to eight T1s or 750Mbps of Carrier Ethernet.
NetVanta 5000 Series
Modular Access Router offering six interface slots and two Ethernet LAN ports for higher-bandwidth applications supporting up to two unchannelized T3s.
NetVanta Modules
Optional add-on modules for adding capacity and services to ADTRAN’s NetVanta Series

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