Cloud Telephone

More and more organizations are looking to maintain a smaller and smaller footprint. Gone are the days where everybody is in the office from 9-5. Rising costs and a cultural shift to remote employees allows many people to work from home. Or work from the road. Or work literally anywhere in the world. With this new freedom comes some brand new technology including cloud telephony.
While email may be the most common form of business communication today, the telephone is not going anywhere anytime soon. From contact centers to IT help desks, Accounting to billing, the telephone is still crucial to connecting with your customers and for providing the necessary data to make strategic business decisions.
Cloud Telephony is one of the new managed solutions from QTS that can give every one of your employees the same reliability, convenience, and integration to conduct business anywhere in the world. No longer is your on-premise phone solution holding your remote team members back from contributing. The playing field has been leveled.
Here are just a few of the advantages of migrating to and deploying a Cloud Telephony solution from QTS Communications.

Scalable Solution

Whether you have 10 employees in your contact center or 10,000, QTS has the cloud telephony capabilities to serve all of your team members. Your help desk is 20 or 2000, QTS has the capabilities and the experience to deploy a solution reliably and with tremendous accuracy. Scale up to 100 today and bring on another 1000 next week, there are no limits imposed by the QTS managed solution. Bring on additional employees and any business unit according to your timeline. The cloud solution can be leveraged to work with you.

Back Office or Contact Center Automation Integrated With Your CRM Or ERP

It used to be difficult at best for an employee to manage their calls through their private mobile phone. No to mention te security risk. The private phone becomes a non-issue as the cloud phone integrates with your CRM and ERP to provide and send back the same data as your on-premise employees. Contact Center Automation leverages this data and can report on it in a manner that makes sense to your organization. Our services can speak your language.

Lower Initial And Operational Costs

Gone are the days of management costs and setup costs. Cloud telephony has brought the operating cost of the phone system down. Costs and pricing are available through speaking with one of our voice and video experts. QTS can help you understand which platform will fit your needs today and be able to grow with you in the future. We can help you find a solution that will meet or exceed the requirements of your stakeholders.

Cloud Telephony supports your on-premise and distributed teams. The same system can be deployed in the home office or the office half-way around the world. And anywhere in between. And your teams can have the visibility into the tools you use so your executive teams have all the information to make the most educated decisions.