Computer telephony integration (CTI) is technology that helps coordinates information between telephones and computers to enable efficiency. Having efficiency is great, but rather than just hearing big words like computer telephony integration, it pays to know a little bit about what it actually does.

Customer Information Is All Contained In One Database

When a customer is contacted via phone, live chat or email, all the information is entered in real time on the computer. All of the information is collected and stored in one place in real time which means there’s no need to wait for systems to update over night when information can finally be synced.

This can take a bit to get used to as there can be multiple data points being entered on a customer at the same time, but once the learning curve is initiated, everything becomes so much easier and lots of embarrassing situations are avoided.

Example: When a customer emails you early in the day then calls back later in the day and mentions the email they sent. You will know right away they have emailed you and can read what they sent rather than letting them awkwardly know you can’t see the email yet. THe customer interaction is much, much nicer.

You Can Personalize Follow Up Calls

If you are in sales, the importance of following up with customers before and after sales is crucial to building trust. If you can get straight to the point with customers, they are much more willing to engage with you and you know that loyalty is created via engagement.

Better Data To Make Changes

With all calls and information being compiled through computers on synced databases it’s easier to get access to big data. Having big data is cool, but that will require people who are qualified in arranging the information so you can make meaningful changes.

The real time data the technology provides also helps in ensuring goals are being kept up with. Being able to make changes in real time and remove bottle necks in invaluable.

Big data helps in long term goal setting too. Previously different databases haven’t been synced well and different data sets gave different views making it impossible to set firm actionable and achievable goals.

Information Can Be Transferred/Updated Instantly Across Teams


Transferring calls is not unusual at all. What’s frustrating for customers is having to repeat your personal information and then your problem when you get transferred. With CTI, information is updated in the system automatically and transfers across databases instantaneously allowing each receiver to help the caller faster without rehashing details.

Track Leads Better

Again, having all the information in the one database makes life a lot easier for everyone involved. Once you apply a couple of filters you have all the customers who are at the same stage of the sales process, or they may be customers who have received products in the last seven days. The possibilities are endless!

CTI is the future and with a dedicated customer service team able to take advantage of the technology the possibilities in regards to offering superior customer service experiences is endless. And the technology is just getting better.