In last week’s article, we began the discussion about how you can run your location independent business more effectively, focusing on some of the tools and online resources you can use to ensure optimal performance.

However, today we are going to focus on more of the nitty gritty, and some of the best practices you can follow for ultimate success whenever you are working with people around the world.

  1. 1. Keep Constant Communication
  2. In all of the successful online businesses we have seen, nothing has been more important than the communication between the owner and their employees. The lack of real accountability structures and a “normal” 9-5 corporate feel make it very easy for employees to shirk their duties and it can end up biting you in the butt.

Be sure that you are in constant communication, whether it is with Google or a QTS service, if you aren’t keeping up with your employees, odds are they won’t keep up with your businesses goals.

2. Opt for Frequent Short Contact

Unless you have a genuine need for 2-hour conference calls every Friday night when your employees want to go out, keep communication short and to the point, but frequent. Sending a daily reminder about a project that needs done is easier than having a one-hour meeting about it at the beginning of the month.

3. Be Open for Creativity

The great thing about online business is that it doesn’t follow the dogmatic business approach of most corporate powerhouses and this allows creativity to flourish. Don’t crush this, accept it and nurture it, you never know where it will lead.