The world is advancing at a rapid pace.

A few short years ago, the idea that you could access company data from just about anywhere in the world was nothing more than a fantasy.

Now it is a given.

However, as the world continues on this path, there are some other advancements happening as well.

As more and more companies begin to rely on cloud data to sercure private company information, more and more hackers and online criminals seek to exploit weak security systems so that they can steal, leak, or sell company information.

Because of this, it is important that you understand your cloud services and data security backwards and forwards.

And to do this, your company needs to ask itself a few pivotal questions.

1. Do You Have a System that Monitors Your Cloud Based Applications for Inbound and Outbound Traffic Anomalies?

You know the old saying that “Knowing is half the battle”?

Well this is especially true with cloud based security.

Having the ability to quickly detect breaches will allow you to mitigate the effects of the attack or avoid it entirely.

However, you need to have an advanced monitoring system set up that can track and report any anomalies in your inbound/outbound traffic.

2. How Flexible and Collaborative is Your IT Department?

If you want your company to be as safe as possible from potential breaches, then you need to make sure that you train and create an IT department that is as flexible and collaborative as possible.

The more your department is willing to adapt to the current technological realities and work together to find solutions, the safer and more successful your business will be.