Security And Virtual Private Network

networking and virtual private networks

One of the biggest advantages of a virtual office is the idea of flexibility for your employees. Some employees will choose a company because of a particular passion or interest. More and more people are choosing an organization based on the ability to work remotely. This presents a few challenges and even more opportunities to connect with each of your employees. One emerging idea is to embrace the benefits of your network security and virtual private network and create an internal blog.

QTS Communications is a locally owned Colorado company specialized in delivering communication. We provide security and virtual private networking to organizations of any size. We facilitate your remote employee’s ability to work from anywhere and maintain the same high standards of voice, video, and data communication just like working in a corporate office. While we sell devices and software, our goal is to provide complete solutions that are best for your business.

Many organizations are supporting remote workers through browser based applications as well as cloud based software solutions. This allows most people to have the ability to work from anywhere they have a reliable internet connection.

Creating a blog for your employees behind your network security and virtual private network can serve several purposes. Many times a blog is only seen as a clever way to share some niche information. And this is essentially what employers are trying to communicate. An internal blog can identify specific people and accomplishments of the organization and leave every team member excited to learn more. This raises awareness and promotes inclusiveness so that the entire team and company feel connected.

Recognize Outstanding Team Effort

One topic no one gets tired of is recognition. When leadership publicizes achievement and points out the hard work that got them there, everyone takes notice. What were the challenges? What team members made contributions that got them past those challenges? What does achieving this milestone means for the company and more importantly what does it mean for me? Sharing those details and telling that story is impactful and inspirational to your team members. No matter where they may be located, everyone will take notice.

Identify Individual Effort

People seldom like to be singled out. Except when they are caught doing something good. When Employers can talk about what makes an individual special it makes that person feel special. By identifying individual achievement, employers are also restating their company values. Publicizing this allows others to know what is most important to the organization.

The Contest

In an ideal world, work would always be fun. While it is possible to love what you do, companies can turn work into a game. Earning badges or points for any number of metrics can turn into a game for team members. This friendly competition not only promotes productivity, it aligns the team member’s activity with the values of the organization.

Find out more about how QTS can provide a security and virtual private network by creating an internal blog for your team members. This one feature can not only engage your team members, but it can also further underline your company’s mission and vision.