No matter what kind of phone system you have, something is going to go wrong eventually. It could be some physical problem, such as a broken phone or water somehow getting onto a router. Or it could be software related, such as upgraded pieces of software bumping heads.

While some types of repairs are taken care of by standard break/fix agreements, QTS offers additional service with our support and maintenance agreement. When you enter into this agreement with us, you’ll be getting access to a higher tier of services that makes your business a priority when something goes wrong. Let’s take a look at some of the additional problems that we can take care of for you.


Not all problems in a system are as obvious as a phone system repair. Sometimes a system doesn’t just break down, but slows down over time. This can be due to lagging hardware or software, fragmented data, or software that bogs down the system.

When you have an agreement with QTS, we’ll perform an annual audit of your entire system to make sure that everything is working at peak efficiency. We’ll also talk with about the changing needs of your business to find out if there’s something new that would make your entire call system function at a higher level.

Prioritized Scheduling

“When your business phone system goes down…” Those words are probably pretty frightening to you. That’s because when you need business phone system repair, you’re paying employees to just sit there. Customers can’t get through. It can be a sales and/or PR nightmare.

So when you call a company like QTS, you certainly don’t want to hear that we’re busy with another client and we’ll get back to you tomorrow. Instead, you want to hear “we’re on it.” With our service agreement, you become our priority.


As simple as an office phone system can be to learn, the sheer amount of features can make it difficult to master. But the fact is that it’s those additional features that can really take your business to the next level. Having your employees know more about the system means that your call center can work that much more efficiently.

When you have our additional support agreement, we’ll make sure that you’re employee are making the most of the phone system and all additional software. Because these training sessions are semi-annual, even new employees will be able to get additional training within six months. That’s the perfect time to get used to the basics before they are introduced to the advanced features.

One advantage that QTS has over other support personnel is that we take the time to learn how your employees are using the system before the training. This allows us to pinpoint areas of teaching so that they can become even more efficient.

Remote Technical Support

Many problems can be handled without you even having to be there to let us in the door. Our remote technical support can deal with many of the most common problems that arise on the software side. For instance, we can perform remote software updates and patches. We’ll also be there to talk with you about the features that come with your business phone system and be on hand to discuss any technical questions about how to use the system.

Whether you need phone system repair on a non-Avaya system or are in need of official IP office repair, QTS can help ensure your system is working at peak efficiency. We also have a tier of support that will provide free minor and major software revisions, and we’ll make sure you’re always up-to-date.

Get A Discount

When you enter into our support agreement, you’ll be getting a discount on products that you add to your system in the future. Not only that, but you’ll get a discount on technician time when you make elective changes to your system that aren’t covered by the maintenance agreement.

Get Even Better Support

You might not need phone system repair very often, but when you do we know you want it immediately. Plus, having your employees better trained on the phone and computer systems is going to make them even more efficient. If you want to make the most of your business phone system, click here to learn more!