Three Advantages To Onshore Outsourced Contact Centers

There is a tidal shift in the contact center management industry. Many big and small companies are moving towards outsourcing their contact centers. While many of these outsourcing organizations have very successful offshore contact center facilities, there is a growing market for managed services onshore. Reducing linguistic and cultural barriers can be a major mitigating factor in the reduction of risk. There are three key advantages to outsourcing your contact center in order to provide outstanding customer service to your most valuable asset. Your customer base. And it all starts with an integrated system that provides superior visibility over the entire business unit.

Advantage One:

QTS Communications is a preferred value-add vendor of BBX Technologies. This contact center application is the backbone of your contact center solution. The list of features present in this multimedia solution will allow you to provide a more customer friendly experience. Features that allow contact center process to exceed the expectations of legacy call center applications. Integrations with BI, CRM, and ERP suites take the data from the contact center application and translate it into a language your management team can understand. Not only will it give your call center managers the visibility to make “in the moment” decisions based on call volume and call types, this information can be accessed by your management team so they can fully utilize the contact center activity to help make decisions for the entire organization.

Advantage Two:

QTS Communications can provide the hardware designed to work seamlessly with BBX Technologies. QTS provides the end to end communication and data solution for your entire contact center solution. Utilizing various technology platforms, QTS is able to provide a hardware solution that serves your on-premise resources as well as your remote employees. Avaya Aura or Avaya IP Office are both designed from the ground up to give you the support your entire organization requires. All designed to give your customers the highest levels of customer service.

Advantage Three:

Partner with a Contact Center Management Service provider. With the infrastructure in place, your BBX solution will better serve the resources and the management team hired to care for your customers. By outsourcing the process and the resources, you can rely on a third party who has years of expertise in contact center management and who’s core business is customer service. In the same way that you rely on the communication and data expertise of QTS, you can rely on a trusted partner to manage the day to day resource allocation, HR, and training of the latest process in contact centers today.

QTS provides complete end-to-end communication and data solutions for your growing business. New hardware, new versions of software, and process improvements are made out in the marketplace almost every day. We can help organizations scale as soon as they are ready. Just give us a call at (303) 785-6300 and connect with a contact center expert to help architect a solution that will serve you today and grow with you in the future.