So you think you’ve got it down when it comes to good customer experience. But are you offering a top-of-the-line, memorable, unbelievable customer experience?

Are your customers praising the quality service they receive from your team?

Do you have return customers on contract for years, or are most of them new?

Do you have complaints?

Most companies who pay attention to their management team can tell whether their customers are receiving the quality of service they deserve. An outstanding, caring, attention-paying management team will give life to an equally – or sometimes even more – fantastic customer service team.

We’ve hit on the topic of what makes a good call center manager and we’ve pointed out great characteristics for call center agents.

Now, we want to kick things up a notch to go over in detail some things that will create the best customer experience for your business to keep your clients happier longer.

Be the Best Version of Yourself

It’s difficult to always be at your best, especially at work. Sometimes outside factors are the result of a bad attitude which can lead to a bad experience for your customer.

But here’s some food for thought: be the absolute best version of yourself each and every time you connect with a customer.

I know, this sounds like a lot. But here’s another step deeper into that thought process: put yourself in the shoes of that customer.

Really, do it. Imagine you are that person requesting some type of service or contacting you for a need they have.

Listen to them.

Are they annoying you? Or are their requests completely reasonable, but you’re frustrated with something that literally has nothing to do with them and yet you have the urge to take it out on the customer?

Try this: smile when you’re listening.

According to Forbes, even a fake smile can have the power to alter your mood and can reduce feelings of stress.

The result? A better customer experience. Once you lay down the walls and enter the conversation or interaction as a human, the quality level of the customer experience rises.

And sometimes, when we’re really listening, we find that we want to help that person on the other line more than we want to sulk in our irritated state. And what comes after giving great service by helping others to solve their problems? A better version of yourself.

And a better version of yourself begets a great customer experience.

Learn the Ropes

You cannot and will not give incredible service to your customer if you have no idea what you’re talking about.

You have to learn the ropes. What facts should you know that will better serve your customer base? What are the reasons they contact you for most? Why are they even working with you?

If you do the research and take seriously the training, you will inevitably be smarter and perhaps over time wiser in the eyes of your customer. This can and will lead to the best customer experience service that you can give – when you’re an expert in the field and you listen to what the needs are so that you can better serve your client base.

Be Honest

No one likes a liar and lying won’t get you very far when it comes to creating a great customer experience.

If you don’t know the answer to something, do not make it up. And don’t tell the customer that you’ll call them back in five when you won’t.

If you can’t figure something out, be honest and be real. If you must put someone on hold, which isn’t always the best practice, assure them – in a real, human way – that you will get back to them as soon as possible. Let them know you are reaching out to another team member, or your manager, or whoever to find out the answer.

Honesty can’t be beat, and you will be sure to create a wonderful experience for your customer when you are honest with them. It brings you down to a human level (sometimes missing when it comes to call centers) and they will learn to trust you.

Take Ownership

Another way to gain the trust of your customer and elevate their experience is to take ownership of the conversation or issue. When you take ownership of something rather than asking 50 questions to your supervisor or manager, customers begin to trust the customer service team and will lean less on “asking for a manager” when an issue may seem unresolvable.

Chances are, you can figure this out. Or you can at least attempt to take the first steps. Refrain from immediately relying on someone else to help you figure out what to do. Instead, pause and think. Relate to past experiences with similar customers. Have you actually had this type of conversation before? Can a very different experience lead to an answer for this issue?

When you take ownership and gain the trust of your customer base, your management will also notice. And that notice (and hopefully recognition) will boost your confidence to giving even better customer experience.

Have a Little Empathy (but don’t go overboard)

Some of us are born with a bit more empathy than others. And it’s especially difficult sometimes to have empathy through the phone line.

But practice having empathy with the customer. This goes along with putting yourself in their shoes. By having real empathy with their needs or problems, you will begin to listen better, learn better, and gain trust better.

When a customer has an experience with an agent and believes they were truly heard, their experience will be a top-notch rating.

But be careful not to lean too much into an empathetic mindset. Even when you can have a seemingly casual connection with the customer, the conversation still needs to be kept professional. Don’t allow for it to drag on for too long, and don’t be quick to cut to the chase. It’s a fine line sometimes to give the best customer service to a high-emotion customer.

Be Yourself

No one wants to talk to a robot (unless we’re utilizing Siri). You don’t have to be robotic, even if there’s a script.

Let your personality and voice carry through when working with customers. This is another way to let them know a real, caring person is there for them, whatever their need may be. They will more fully trust you and will ultimately be happier with the solution, even if the result wasn’t exactly what they thought it would be.

When a person knows they are talking to a real, thoughtful, intelligent call center agent, they will feel better about your business and their experience will be memorable.