We live in a world that is so complicated that to truly understand the inner workings of even one of our electronic devices would take years, and to understand the inner workings of networks, servers, and “the cloud” feels like it would take a lifetime.

That is why we have tried to make things easy for you by providing you with blogs detailing some of the more common terms that you will need to know, and how you can apply them to your daily tech life.

In this week’s article, we will be discussing proxies, or proxy servers.

What is It?

Proxy servers are basically just other computers which act as a conduit through which your internet demands are processed. If you connect to one of these servers, your computer will send your requests to the proxy which then processes and returns the request to your computer. This is used mainly for the purposes of anonymity, secure uploading, and getting around restrictions

Should You Care?

Yes and no.

Proxy servers are great tools to keep information private for those of you who do work that should be kept from private eyes, they are also great if you have some sort of unnecessary restriction to get around. They can also be quite useful whenever you want to have your privacy kept, however unless you are doomsday prepping or a criminal of some sort, they are largely unnecessary…But to each his own.

So there you have it, yet another nugget of technological wisdom to help you become the next AI controlling master of the world.

Until next time.