data network switch qts

If your small business needs a data network, you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of choosing or managing one. Fear not! It’s not as a difficult as it seems.

Most small to medium sized businesses run data networks in their offices. What are data networks? They are telecommunication networks that allow two or more computers to exchange data.

As an example, for some IT companies, the data network is established between multiple computers and one main server, which is sometimes just another computer. This allows them to save important documents to one location, a location that is easily accessible from within the office.

This type of setup is fairly simple, but you have to be able to manage that data network effectively so that it benefits your business. How do people do it?

Usually they’ll buy what’s known as a “network switch”. The network switch serves as a hub of sorts for multiple computer connections. Ethernet switches are similar, but as the name suggests they act as a hub for internet connections distributed throughout the computers in the office.

Some companies make network switches that provide functionality beyond the normal networking. For example, AdTran provides networking equipment that can cover a wide range of functions including VOIP, Ethernet, VPN, SSL, and even firewalls.

Having technology that covers a variety of functions while also increasing security can be a huge boon for a small or medium sized business. Unfortunately, some people are very wary of that kind of networking technology because it seems very complex, but that couldn’t further from the truth.

Switches from companies like AdTran will not only cover your IT needs, but they also come equipped with a web management interface that is accessible through your browser. The interface is simple and allows you direct access to the functions of the network switch, making it very easy to set it up and maintain it.

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