Avaya phone system

As many bells and whistles as a communication and business phone system can offer your business, there’s one thing that’s more important than any other: it has to work, and it has to work as close to every second of the year as possible.

This can be harder than it sounds. VoIP phone systems can be fickle, not only on the hardware side but also the software side. On top of that, you also have to worry about your internet connection. That’s why it’s so important to find the office phone system in Denver with the greatest uptime available, and robust data cabling to support it.

Because we know how important your communication systems are, we offer Avaya phone systems to deliver reliable uptime to your business. Here’s what you can’t afford to lose if you’re using a lesser phone system.

Loss of Revenue

Imagine your business telephone system goes down for half a day. What’s that going to do to your business, to be completely helpless for four hours or more?

Unfortunately, many companies don’t need to imagine this, because they actually experience it. Downtime is a serious concern for businesses large and small, and it can cause a serious loss of revenue. If your call center is generating revenue, it could mean the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even if you’re a tiny business and only lose a few thousand dollars during the downtime, that’s money that your business needs in order to survive. If you can’t afford losses like that, it’s time to get an Avaya phone system in the Denver area.

Loss Of Future Revenue

Customers can be fickle. If your business phone system is down, you don’t just have to worry about losing money that they would have spent today; you’re also be losing the money they might spend in the future. After all, if your phones aren’t working, they might leave you and become a dedicated customer to a company whose phones are working.

Loss Of Employee Productivity

Now, you might say that your particular call center doesn’t bring in revenue. Perhaps your call center in Denver is there for tech support, or maybe they are simply taking political polls. But you’re still paying those people to be at their jobs, even when the VoIP phone system goes down! You might not be losing revenue, but time is still money. Ensuring employees can do their jobs makes for a much more efficient workforce.

When you use an Avaya phone system in Denver, you get our uptime assurance so that you don’t have to worry about loss of revenue due to employee downtime.

Loss of Credibility With Customers

As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression, and if that impression is “a company doesn’t care enough about customers to invest in a reliable phone system,” then you’ve probably lost your customer for good.

This can bite your business in two distinct ways. First of all, downtime can prevent incoming calls from getting to you, making customers simply give up and head to another company offering similar services.

Second, it can seriously affect a customer’s opinion if they are cut off in the middle of a call. Imagine you’re a customer and just spent a considerable length of time on hold. If you suddenly get cut off because of a poor VoIP phone system, your frustrations are quickly going to turn into anger. Next time they call, it will most likely be to cancel service with you (or simply never call back to order anything).

Loss of Credibility With Employees

If you have a call center, you want the best employees possible and you want to keep them. After all, there’s another call center down Colfax that would be happy to poach your best employees.

When employees experience downtime, they just don’t feel like they’re part of a reputable business. If your small business phone system goes down, they’re going to roll their eyes and think they’re working for an unreliable business. If your call center generates revenue and the employees are commission-based, they won’t be staying around long if your uptime is directly affecting their pay.

Go With An Avaya Phone System

Can any company promise 100 percent uptime? No, and if they do then they’re lying. The goal is to get as many “nines” as possible when discussing uptime, such as 99.999 percent. At QTS Communications, our goal is to get as close to 100 percent as possible, all while making your communication system easy to use so that it is a vital asset to your company.

We want your business, and want to offer you the most reliable business phone system available with Avaya products, phone service, and data. We’d love to show you what we can do, and it all starts by contacting us today.