It seems that the growing trend among the young, the smart, and the technologically savvy nowadays is to escape the clutches of western society, and run their businesses location independently from somewhere they can, as Tim Ferriss put it, “Earn in dollars, spend in pesos, and compensate in rupees.”

However, while many people may see location independence as the holy grail of lifestyle design, those of us who have taken the leap before know that we are only upgrading the quality of our problems.

When you are running a location independent business, learning how to manage your employees and business from afar can be quite a challenge.

Which is why utilizing things like cloud based phone services is so essential.

If you are living from abroad, having the ability to connect with your employees in a few seconds, do damage control, or discuss how to close down a new client becomes an invaluable asset.

Here are a few tools to help you with managing your business and team from your hammock between the palm trees…we mean your office abroad 😉

  1. Everything Google

Yes they are spying on you, yes they probably have a vault with all of your embarrassing high school prom pics, and yes they are fantastic for effectively running a business.

Using tools like Sheets, Docs, and Voice to keep in touch and keep a real time update of everything happening in your business documented is invaluable, privacy breach or not.

  1. Asana

If you are managing a large team, Asana is an invaluable tool that will allow team members to easily see what needs to be accomplished and how long they have to do it, and rewards them with a magical unicorn flying across the screen when they do it (cool right)

  1. QTS Phone Services

If you want the best and most reliable phone services for your businesses, then QTS is the way to go (even if we do say so ourselves). You can learn more about our services here