Begining its third decade, Taske is a leader in call management solutions and reporting for contact centers and enterprise. Contact Center Call Management software is the pillar of the of the Taske suite of products.  The robust features and functionality of Taske Contact allow thousands of call center supervisors around the world, and here in Denver Colorado, to manage agents efficiently and effortlessly.

TASKE solves the top 10 issues facing Call Centers:

Problem 1: Unable to monitor agent activity
Problem 2: Simple management of the contact center
Problem 3: No information about abandoned calls
Problem 4: No mechanism for forecasting demand
Problem 5: No method for reporting service levels
Problem 6: Not enough agents available
Problem 7: Need to manage while on the road
Problem 8: Scheduling agents takes forever
Problem 9: Managing multiple contact centers from a central location
Problem 10: Reviewing the past is impossible

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TASKE Contact
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