As more and more devices connect using wireless technology, the demand on your corporate WiFi Access Points increases dramatically. Performance, reliability and most important, security is more critical now then ever.  Gone are the days where only big business needed sophisticated technologies to ensure a usable WiFi infrastructure.  Businesses today need products that ensure quality, security and manageability without hiring an enterprise team of experts.  Introducing Ubiquiti Networks.  Ubiquiti provides reliable performance and ease of deployment whether there are 3 to 100’s of devices.

Replace private line connections with airMAX® Wireless Point to Point/Multi-Point and save 1000’s of dollars. Strategically utilize Wireless Point to Point/Multi-Point as a backup to traditional WAN services to improve up-time and continuity.



IsoStation™ AC

IsoStation AC
Shielded airMAX® CPE

5 GHZ 450+ MBPS 


LiteBeam® AC
LiteBeam® AC
2×2 MIMO airMAX® ac CPE
5 GHZ 450+ MBPS


NanoBeam® AC

NanoBeam® AC
High-Performance airMAX® ac Bridge

5 GHZ 450+ MBPS 10+ km RANGE


PowerBeam® AC

PowerBeam® AC
High-Performance airMAX® ac Bridge

5 GHZ 450+ MBPS 20+ km RANGE


PowerBeam® AC ISO

PowerBeam® AC ISO
5 GHz airMAX® ac Bridge with RF Isolated Reflector

5 GHZ 450+ MBPS 20+ km RANGE


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